A Single Man

After seeing Colin Firth and is excellent acting and the praising of his other acting skills by a coworker I decided to try another movie on for size.  This was a rather new movie, one that I’ve not heard much about and was still rather curious to the varied acting ability of Mr. Firth.  To my surprise, this was a novel turned film, needless to say I was a bit disappointed that this was not an original work.  When I started this film I wasn’t sure what to expect, was this a drama, where someones life is crushed due to a loss of a loved one?  Or perhaps someone that is completely detached from reality due to the nature of society and its self destructive nature, or even a man with nothing left to lose.  This move quite literally throws you into the day in the life of George Falconer, an English teacher at a High School in Los Angeles.  I will spare you the details to say this:  The film initially through me for a loop when I came to the realization that the character that Colin Firth was playing was homosexual, and that his day was what he had planned to be his last.  He spent the entire time organizing and cataloging his affairs so that after he commits suicide, the people that take care of his affairs will have no trouble at all finding the information that they desire, from what suit he plans to be buried in to his deeds, will, and a myriad of other documents.  It’s seems as though when everything is going wrong, something so great comes along and changes your perspective on things, and you realize that it’s not all bad, and you just need to put one foot in front of the other to get out the door, as well as the best laid plans often go astray.


I really enjoyed the color shifts during the emotion changes of Colin’s character.



T-Minus 24 Days

So I was just checking out “Ab Ripper X” portion of P90x, and all I can say is “WOW.” Thats going to be intense. And, I’m looking forward to it. Each day, im going to check out another video and plan my days according to it, presumably I will be doing this every day, on tuesday/thursday after school and every other day, depending on work, in the morning. It’s going to be intense, its going to burn, but fuck, im going to finish it.

January 1.

Alright, not that by any means am I what people call “Fat” or anything, so there is no superficial reason behind this. On Jan 1 2011 I’m starting the p90x fitness program, and depending on how that goes (see amazing) I may try the harder version of it that has more cardio. As well as that, my friend andrew is going to start some crazy no bad food diet, and I will be joining him. I need to get the specifics but its basically no processed & fried food. But I think that I’m going to take it a step further with no fast food. Period. This will probably include pizza unless its a special occasion. There aren’t very many ones that you’d get pizza for so that will be easy.
So theoretically, I should complete this program on my birthday or the day before. Yeah. I’m excited!


So. Interesting last couple of days its been, and due to it being quite late, in an empty house, and a rather appropriate song came on, I’ve come here to pour out some of the things i’ve noticed about myself and the changes in my emotions.

I feel empty & alone, and it’s not just because I’ve broken up with my amazing girlfriend of nearly 4 years due to change in my feelings for her, for whatever reason.  I’ve yet to figure out why, but the fact of the matter has been and is, they changed and their is no point in continuing a relationship that is now effectively one sided.   I’m sad, and unhappy for my emotional out come, but it is what is, and for the near future will be.   I sit here, and wonder, what happens now?  I’m not sure, but as an interesting introspective, i’ve come to realize that I am now not a whole person, in a emotional sense.

It seems that once you develop a serious relationship, that person replaces a part of your being and  as you do the same to them (I think, I don’t know for sure).  Now with her no longer a part of my life, I feel incomplete.  I feel as though I need to find that missing piece somewhere else.  I know that seeking out a relationship is foolish until this part of the separation is over, but thats why rebound relationships are all bad.  But with that I’ve also realized a few other things.  I want to do a lot of things I’ve never thought/actually expressed feelings about doing, even though I naturally should have.  At work I like to climb our shelving, whether that is because my height is below average, because I like climbing, or for what ever other reason.  I now want to go rock climbing.  I’ve never actually said this to anyone, but today I did.  It was a weird thing looking back at the 5+ years working for the company, that it’s never crossed my mind to do that.   As a male, we’re to learn the boundaries of a relationship, the do’s and don’ts of whats acceptable behavior.  Now, with that behind me, the way to act as a single male is difficult, not only due to not being single for so long, my social awkwardness is a definite detractor on my being as person.

So, here I sit, wondering what’s next and hope that this feelings are gone soon  because I don’t really like the way I feel.  Then again I don’t think breakups are meant to be easy.  I do know that there are more changes to come for me and  I know some of the things on the horizon are going to be interesting, as the yet to be planned are going to be fun to explore.

See Ya!

PS: the songs have changed a little bit as I’ve been writing this. apparently the gods of my shuffling music decided that SNL’s “Dick in a box” is the appropriate song to end this on.. thank you Andy & JT.

I do believe…

That I suck at updating my blog.

– Started Playing WoW, much easier then before, but stupid community changes

– Why are so many boys stupid (men raised like kids)

– I want more money to have nice things (clothes pref)

-I need to update this more, it feels good to type

Hello, Reach

Those of you in the gaming community, regardless of affiliation to Playstation/Microsoft/Nintendo, know that tomorrow Halo: Reach will be released upon gamers at 12:01am  (technically Tuesday).  I’ve been able to procure enough money to purchase the limited edition console, which is the newest model of Xbox and two controllers.  But enough about what the system comes with more about what is going down that night for me.  I’ve invited a couple of my friends over to play an all nighter, at least it will be for me..  I’ve let them all know that we are going to be playing the game until as late as possible and then switch over to multiplayer for some good old-fashioned LAN carnage, or if we are so daring to test the houses connection we will switch over to Xbox live mode to for fun.   Now for the most important part of the whole thing.  I want to stream this over the internet.   Not everyone, because that would be a whole other feat to get all of the tv’s hooked up.  I just don’t want to deal with it.  So what I’ve planned is to use my laptop to focus on my screen, and send what it sees over the internet , for anyone that wants to watch what happens.  I’m lucky enough to have a LCD monitor that is 1440×900 to share with myself (not really sharing :] ) so that it’s as a good of a stream without having a capture card.  Anyone that has a desire to be up that late and cannot play Reach, can watch my twitter, @Prof_Mumbles , to try to catch some if it.  I’m not sure of which site to use to play the game via but it will be a grand time for a great beginning to the end of the Bungie led Halo franchise.

In other news, I’ve decided to start being a nerd again, and focus my efforts in computing in the right direction.  I’ve taken my laptop, a HP DV3-1075us, and installed one the most fun Linux distros on it.  Gentoo, which I’ve played with on and off for about 6 years.  It can be a bit challenging, some nights it takes hours to compile programs, or figuring out conf files or settings, but it’s always worth it in the end, to have something that you want installed that isn’t filled with unnecessary applications or settings.  I’m Looking at you Ubuntu & Windows 7.   Don’t get me wrong, those are both fantastic OSes, but they just don’t teach their users much beyond, this is what you get.   I’ve also finished setting up the dual-boot for windows/gentoo on my desktop, and my laptop.  I have to dual-boot for 2 reasons.  First I don’t always have the time to tinker stuff to work (laptop/desktop) and two I play StarCraft II, and sadly don’t like playing via WINE.  All that said, im currently stuck on a few things.  XBMC wont install due to a block of SAMBA package via the CIFS package, that’s going to be fun :\.   And getting PulseAudio working on both machines is going to be fantastic 🙂

Aside from those fun things, I’m going to school, learning so java, and working, making some java (see what I did there?) 

Any who, follow me @Prof_Mumbles.  See Ya later internet


Well, I like the idea of posting and such on this blog quite a bit, but I want a real web site, so … if you have suggestions, please let me know.