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T-Minus 24 Days

So I was just checking out “Ab Ripper X” portion of P90x, and all I can say is “WOW.” Thats going to be intense. And, I’m looking forward to it. Each day, im going to check out another video and plan my days according to it, presumably I will be doing this every day, on tuesday/thursday after school and every other day, depending on work, in the morning. It’s going to be intense, its going to burn, but fuck, im going to finish it.


January 1.

Alright, not that by any means am I what people call “Fat” or anything, so there is no superficial reason behind this. On Jan 1 2011 I’m starting the p90x fitness program, and depending on how that goes (see amazing) I may try the harder version of it that has more cardio. As well as that, my friend andrew is going to start some crazy no bad food diet, and I will be joining him. I need to get the specifics but its basically no processed & fried food. But I think that I’m going to take it a step further with no fast food. Period. This will probably include pizza unless its a special occasion. There aren’t very many ones that you’d get pizza for so that will be easy.
So theoretically, I should complete this program on my birthday or the day before. Yeah. I’m excited!