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A Single Man

After seeing Colin Firth and is excellent acting and the praising of his other acting skills by a coworker I decided to try another movie on for size.  This was a rather new movie, one that I’ve not heard much about and was still rather curious to the varied acting ability of Mr. Firth.  To my surprise, this was a novel turned film, needless to say I was a bit disappointed that this was not an original work.  When I started this film I wasn’t sure what to expect, was this a drama, where someones life is crushed due to a loss of a loved one?  Or perhaps someone that is completely detached from reality due to the nature of society and its self destructive nature, or even a man with nothing left to lose.  This move quite literally throws you into the day in the life of George Falconer, an English teacher at a High School in Los Angeles.  I will spare you the details to say this:  The film initially through me for a loop when I came to the realization that the character that Colin Firth was playing was homosexual, and that his day was what he had planned to be his last.  He spent the entire time organizing and cataloging his affairs so that after he commits suicide, the people that take care of his affairs will have no trouble at all finding the information that they desire, from what suit he plans to be buried in to his deeds, will, and a myriad of other documents.  It’s seems as though when everything is going wrong, something so great comes along and changes your perspective on things, and you realize that it’s not all bad, and you just need to put one foot in front of the other to get out the door, as well as the best laid plans often go astray.


I really enjoyed the color shifts during the emotion changes of Colin’s character.



T-Minus 24 Days

So I was just checking out “Ab Ripper X” portion of P90x, and all I can say is “WOW.” Thats going to be intense. And, I’m looking forward to it. Each day, im going to check out another video and plan my days according to it, presumably I will be doing this every day, on tuesday/thursday after school and every other day, depending on work, in the morning. It’s going to be intense, its going to burn, but fuck, im going to finish it.

January 1.

Alright, not that by any means am I what people call “Fat” or anything, so there is no superficial reason behind this. On Jan 1 2011 I’m starting the p90x fitness program, and depending on how that goes (see amazing) I may try the harder version of it that has more cardio. As well as that, my friend andrew is going to start some crazy no bad food diet, and I will be joining him. I need to get the specifics but its basically no processed & fried food. But I think that I’m going to take it a step further with no fast food. Period. This will probably include pizza unless its a special occasion. There aren’t very many ones that you’d get pizza for so that will be easy.
So theoretically, I should complete this program on my birthday or the day before. Yeah. I’m excited!

I do believe…

That I suck at updating my blog.

– Started Playing WoW, much easier then before, but stupid community changes

– Why are so many boys stupid (men raised like kids)

– I want more money to have nice things (clothes pref)

-I need to update this more, it feels good to type


Well, I like the idea of posting and such on this blog quite a bit, but I want a real web site, so … if you have suggestions, please let me know.

HowTo: Beginners Guide to Torrenting: Part 1 of 2

So, you want to learn how to using the amazing and versatile P2P protocol that is BitTorrent.  Well, this may not be the best place to find where to torrent, but I will help guide you on a your way to being a productive member of the torrenting community and help you safe guard yourself from unwanted attention.

What is BitTorrent?

Well, first off, it isn’t just something that pirates, script kiddies, and black hat hackers use to cause mayhem on the internet.  BitTorrent is an amazing tool that is used by many companies and institutions to share large amounts of information with people without using huge amounts of their band width.

Say that you have a 4GB video file of something, like a wedding ceremony, that you want to share with friends, but don’t want to go through all the trouble of burning a bunch of copies and mailing them all over.  Creating a torrent is one of the best choices, as you can set it up quickly, sent the small .torrent file via email or any other small file transfer program, like MSN Messenger or AIM.  They then open the .torrent file with any of the many programs and within a few days (sometimes less than that, but I will get to that later) they have the same video file saved on to their computer, with little leg work and very little $$ spent on stamps and all that.   While there are many other ways to do this, that’s just one of the many ways torrents are great.

Getting Started

Alright, so you wanted to start torrenting?  Well first things first, what operating system are you running?

Windows XP/Vista/7

Use either Vuze or uTorrent, they are the two biggest, Vuze actually works on all major platforms out there, so if you’re using OS X and don’t like transmission, then I suggest Vuze.


The aforementioned transmission is the best bet for OS X.  Yea. Use it.


Just Google what ever program that you want to use, and install it, for windows and OS X users its pretty easy to do.

What Now?

Now that you’ve installed your client of choice, what do you do now?  Well, their are many options for you, you can start sharing files with friends, you can start downloading free, open source programs like GIMP, Open Office, & Inkscape.  If you’re looking to find other types of programs, places like or  Both operate under the veil of ambiguity due to the fact that they are outside the realm of being sued due to the non-infringing content, BUT be sure to enable encryption. Encryption is of the utmost importance when torrent, aside from using other protective means, it helps keep torrent running smoothly.


There are two things to understand with encryption and torrenting.  First off it doesn’t prevent you from being sued, but it does help obscure your content, and make it look like regular web traffic rather than torrenting. Second it helps keep from being detected by the ISP your using, whether it be Comcast or AT&T or even SureWest.

Vuze – All OSes

On the menu bar: Tools > Options, then from there it should bring up options for Beginner, Intermediate, and advanced. Choose Advanced.  After that click the + block to expand the settings and click on Transport Encryption. Click the enable button and your all set.

Transmission – Linux/OS X

From the Menu go to Edit > Preferences. From their click the privacy tab, Enable Blocklist, Enable Automatic Updates.  Under Privacy, Encryption Mode should be “Requires Encryption.” Also, enable Use PEX and Use DHT to find more peers.
Well your all set for initial torrenting, next time I will cover some of the more advanced topics and cover what some of the settings were that you enabled or disabled.

Prof. Mumbles

Blitzkrieg: Delicious Smoothie Mk. I

Delicious Smoothie Mk. I

5 Raspberries, 5 Blackberries, 1/2 a Banana, 4-6 ice cubes, 3/4 cup of nonfat milk, and 4 scoops of your choice of protein powder.

Combine in that order in order to lessen the effects of the protein powder getting all gunked up on the sides of a blender, this makes ~24oz of drink-age.  Low Carbs + Low Sugar + ~35g of protein = good for breakfast/snack and is easy to make and clean with prep.